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The first offering from In Decades Decline after changing name from Unique Freak.
Also the first record where the Guvnor really started to add serious vocal carnage by utilising his own style.
Grant MacNamara was a great influence on the production and did a great job.
Andy threw up in the bogs (before recording the bass on Duneideann) as the band had been out again and overcelebrating after just one days recording...
A great record though and one that IDD were very proud of.


released December 12, 2001

2001 Lawgiver Records

Guvnor B - Tonsillectomy
Andy V - Bass/Rearguard Roaring
Martin - Guitars
Finch - Guitars
Morbid Krustmas - Drums

Recorded by Grant MacNamara at Chamber Studios, Edinburgh in April and May of 2001

Design and booklet photography by Dave Gilchrist

Band Photography by Janet Woods

Illustrations by Alison Sidgwick



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


In Decades Decline Edinburgh, UK

Much respected in the Scottish hardcore scene, In Decades Decline kept the HC flame burning during the lean years of 2001 and 2003. Between 2002 and 2007 live appearances were rarer but they still managed two full album releases on Lawgiver Records. The first L.P was entitled 'Duneideann' - Gaelic for Edinburgh. The band ended after their second album release 'Year Zero' in 2007/8. ... more

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Track Name: Angka
Angka, the organisation.

Crawl out of hospital on bloody stumps
What was once human into body dumps.
S21, number dead 16,000
Drowned in a barrel or stung to death.
Bludgeoned to save bullets...

Year zero
Ghost towns became a ghost country.
To the fields or death
No past, no ties, no family.

Angka, massacre the intelligentsia

Gang of six, pol pot clique
Mighty shall inherit, forget the meek.
"No one smiles here"
Youth corrupted year by year.
Angka, maoist heaven
15 year olds with AK-47s.

"Roll up, roll up! Welcome to the 'sideshow'!
Pick your bomb from the menu"
What was started in '69 isn't over and will last all time.
Track Name: Workload
The kids went back to school today,
And i went back to work.
Drank the weekend away again
Anything to numb the hurt.
5 days to wish my life away
Every second a watched clock,
Then 2 days to destroy my brain
And forget what I wished for anyway.

I false started the human race,
Ran from what I couldn't face.

Didn't do much just lost touch,
Method acting career,
Grew into this year by year,
What was: forgot.
Weakened by the weekend
Enfeebled by the weak,
Bank on payrolls treadmill
Taught all there is to teach.
Track Name: Heavy Metal
A million rounds of ammunition
Coated in depleted uranium,
A whole country becomes a laboratory
For nuclear weapon by-production.

It slices through tanks with minimum fuss
Like placenta to foetus,
Miscarriages and birth defects
At least 3 times more than before the gulf war.

The world's heaviest metal
Upon impact it explodes
Millions of radioactive particles
Enter the food chain and inhaled.

Congenital deformities, genetic plague
Children born with no brains,
Stumped limbs, no heads
Entire blind villages with heart defects.

South iraq, a radioactive death camp
Thousands die monthly,
DU's legacy is further enhanced
By embargoes and artificial poverty.
"People your blood will not be shed in vain"
8 years later, the bombs fall again.
Track Name: Original Gravity
A business worth 26 billion,
Advertisers promote a life of addiction.
What price human life in the face of profit,
And donations to pigs and politics?
It decimates the NHS,
Involved in nearly all road deaths.
33 thousand deaths every year,
Or scarred for life by acting beer.

H, E and C equals less fatalities.
Misery hours in every bar,
But still no need for a booze czar.

Original gravity.

It's chronic and progressive,
Consumption becomes excessive.
Direct toxic effect: brain damage and early death.
Digestive disorders,
Liver cirrhosis and ulcers.
Nervous system never mends,
Horrific withdrawal: Delirium Tremens.
Track Name: Corny
"they fuck you up your mum and dad,
they don't mean to but they do" Philip Larkin

You fuck me up and call it love,
Well the time, the time has come.
Bring you down a peg or three,
Fuck you up like you fucked me.

Switch myself off...

Don't talk to me about having to change,
When every fucking day you stay the fucking same.

Switch myself off...

You fuck me up and call it love,
Well the time, the time has come.
You fuck me up and call it love,
I'm going to kill you, you stupid cunt.
Track Name: Not Yours
What kind of god takes a man's son,
Then gives his own to right our wrongs?
Born in a stable, hung on a cross.
His gain became our loss.
Revered, worshipped, now one of three,
Filled with reckless power and unfit to judge me.

You preach turn the other cheek,
But I spit in the face of those who feed on the weak.
You say forget and forgive,
But I laugh at your novel that tells me how to live.

Father, look at what your fucking son has done.

I don't give a damn about Abraham,
What gives you the right to take any man?
They were not willing, they were not asked,
You've killed two for one,
And the first stone was cast.
You've stolen a soul and ripped theirs apart,
What kind of father can have such a heart?

Hypocrisy hand in hand with blasphemy,
For the millions that die I twist the spear in your side.
Track Name: Duneideann
I was drunk in youth's womb,
Hungover for years in this tomb.
I hate the yellow veins in your green and pink face,
I hate the hedgerows in your countrified lanes.

Bright lights,
Where the roads are paved with shite.

A huge slag heap from an open cast mind,
Keep walking away can't leave it behind.

56 by 3 or more or less,
Like a family you're built to oppress.
EH prefix worse than a brand,
You steal form me then you cut off my hands.

A sick parasite,
On the banks of the river shite.

A hive where the reek of lies is auld indeed,
Where bullshit's collected by rotting worker fleas.
I know i can never ever trust this place,
I see it in the mirror and my mother's face.
Do i thank you for all?
Or is a broken heart congenital?
Track Name: Complicity
Docked in the bay of a pig,
A juicy cuban crisis.
Wise men say follow the starr.
A shamed man in one corner, the other empties the bar.
We labour over train timetables:
A casual nod for mass destruction.
A smile from dead eyes enables,
Shrug their shoulders in justification.

On the brink of a 3rd world war,
A sinking ship where the sun used to rise.
Hide behind middle left laws,
It isn't happening, close our eyes.

Afghanistan and sudan:
Explain if you can, how can you support a perjured man?
3 years after he knew of the 1st death camps,
He meandered into bosnia to leave his stamp.

Kosovo, nato steps in too late again.
Refugees, pure brutal murder again.
But there's no oil there, is there?

Human rights, the third reich,
Both in the past in western minds.
War crimes, war crimes,
Nothing in starr's grimy mind.
Track Name: Baia Mare
Clouds of poison blow into homes, only 50 meters away.
Handicapped school beside toxic tip,
Breathing the shit every day.
Most people have ulcers,or their gut ruptures.
Damage to kidney, liver and nerves,
Babies stillborn or premature.
An attempt to get rid of the pit,
Further aggravates the environment.
90 hectare lake of cyanide, birds overhead plummet and die.

State communism, unbridled capitalism.
False environmentalism, nobody takes responsibility:
For a workforce crippled in their prime.
Whose children suffer and die, whose fate will unfold in time.
All in the name of "big mine".

Man's greed knows no limit, copper, zinc, lead, silver and gold.
Avarice and lust as old as time,
Poisoned dead zone: "big mine".

Winter: aural dam bursts, local farmland effected first.
Then the Blue Danube runs red,
5 weeks later the Black Sea is dead.
Villagers unaware of situation, media alerts of devastation.
Obituary read too late, month long gestation of pollution.
Drinking from poisoned wells, cancers attacking cells.
Most polluted land in europe,
North west romania hasn't a hope.
Track Name: Adventure Playground
Transgenic pigs, don't listen to virologists.
Cancerous cells, life's eradication.
Nature's cigar, smoke on this,
Hundreds dead 1976.
Fever, 39 degrees centrigrade,
Ebola, bleed to death in 3-7 days.

Technology's destroying us,
She's screaming "stop" but we don't.
The greatest threat to mankind,
She's screaming "stop" but we don't.
As global travel increases
There is little doubt,
It's not the bomb but an airborne virus
That will wipe us out.

HIV, a manmade development?
Unknown, now on every continent.
Spread through sex, infecting 36 million,
One tiny mutation, it will kill billions.
Forest destruction, eco-system,
Man develops and we are the victims.
Tissue cancer, SV40...
From a polio vaccine made from the cells of a monkey.
Track Name: Out of Africa
Veins pumping with evil,
Drugs administered against their will.
Operation "no living thing".
Killing, burning, shooting evrything.
"God won't blame me for that",
Future prosperity in their hands.
Machetes hack enemy's extremities,
Handicapped for life, lucky to be alive.

Young child sniper,
Captured and treated accordingly.
Everyone potential enemy,
Rebel forces your only family.
Arm a prepubescent,
And force him to shoot his parents.
Make his friends human shields,
Or burn them if they refuse to yield.

A country at war over diamonds,
The greatest symbol of love.
Western vanity funds their butchery,
As bodies pile up before the mortuary.
The west looks the other way,
While purchasing death every day.
"Africa, the responsibilty of everyone.
We must accept it's problems and resolve them"

Empty rhetoric once again,
Soothing words but the debt remains.
Track Name: One Again
Etch-a-sketch, shake your flesh
From my mind, i count ther time.
By coloured scraps of recollection
And useless additions to an unlistened collection.

I've lost it again,
Where i cannot say.
Day by day by day,
One again.

To pretend, to pretend,
I will mend, but what you said won't.
I did what i did
When you said don't.