YEAR ZERO L​.​P (2007)

by in decades decline

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Released 2007/8 on Lawgiver Records (Scotland) 'Year Zero' was In Decades Decline's second and final album.
Pretty much recorded live, 'Year Zero' demonstrates IDD at their most cohesive and consistent stage of their 7 year reign.
The album has a few rough edges and imperfections but does not hide IDD's high energy and unmitigated rage.


released November 8, 2007

Gav - Vocals
Murray - Drums
Andy - Bass
Martin - Guitars
Finchy - Guitars

Recorded 2005 and engineered by Tim (of Mystery Juice) in his home studio, Liberton, Edinburgh.

Artwork concept by In Decades Decline.
Executed and designed by Artur.



all rights reserved


In Decades Decline Edinburgh, UK

Much respected in the Scottish hardcore scene, In Decades Decline kept the HC flame burning during the lean years of 2001 and 2003. Between 2002 and 2007 live appearances were rarer but they still managed two full album releases on Lawgiver Records. The first L.P was entitled 'Duneideann' - Gaelic for Edinburgh. The band ended after their second album release 'Year Zero' in 2007/8. ... more

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Track Name: Postal
Epiphany today, at last I can understand
To oil a cloth, to take stock, to care for my redeemer
At last I can understand; I am one of the broken hearted
Exiled to the half reality of the call centre mentality
Destined to earn shit to take shit, and all the while
On bended knee, reptilian smile

At last I can understand, impotent no longer

At last I can understand, to take that final call
To swallow it all, one last time
Pump action liberation, ejaculating freedom
I bring salvation; fuck your ‘rehearsed salutation’

This is something I can’t suppress
Joy to me is your death
Jugular gouting streams, bloody ruined limbs
Dead gored heart, splattered all over your fucking flow charts

Epiphany today, at last I can understand
To oil a cloth, to take stock, at last I can understand
I am one of the broken hearted
Pump action liberation,
Ejaculating freedom
I bring salvation
Track Name: in Decades Decline
Revisionist history, transcribe the truth
This is how you will remember it, no record of blunders
Glove puppet newspeak, cut and pasted in Newsweek

20 years on, where has your voice gone?
Your condemnation serves only to inflame
Your ignorance it has no shame
The North turns right a society of blame

20 years on, where has you mind gone?
Without you there would be no ‘sponsor’
For your dutiful progeny to start a war
Against what you created, what you ‘liberated’

Always the same, it will never stop
History bleached by the cloth
Donate to posterity, pounds of flesh
To be remembered currency is death

Rework the globe to suit your needs
Install a faith if your history dictates
Rewrite the past, fill the future with lies
All history; biography
Holocaust denial something you abhor?
Correct the facts throughout every war

Swept under the carpet, no egg on your face
Just for the record the world’s a better place
In your quest for ‘freedom’ you never tire
Arm them, train them and wait for friendly fire

Always the same, it will never stop
History bleached by the cloth
Donate to posterity, pounds of flesh
To be remembered currency is death

Shoulder to shoulder we stand
The mad leading the mad
Track Name: Divided
60 thousand call to mass
Vile indulgence after weeks of fast
Feast on the flesh of the dead
Intoxicated by the blood that’s been shed
Dance on the graves of those who have died
Piss on their legacy and spit in their eyes

Told to love your history
High rise cathedrals offering no sanctuary
A society of hate rooted in bigotry
The struggle is something I struggle to grasp
In your expensive seats, bleating like sheep
About a romanticised war in which you do not believe

Will that be his last delivery, will that be his last fare?
Will you stone that kid in the street because you don’t want her there?
That is what you glorify; your game is another’s reality
Headlines scream ‘atrocity’! And so it continues, every bloody day

Factory ship ruining the waves, afloat on the lies that keep us all slaves
Sing the songs of those who would destroy,
All dreams, all hope and all your joy
Kiss the feet of those who kick you down
Vent your spleen for 25 pounds
Never, ever learn form the past
Old colours tied firmly to the mast
Red, white and blue or white and green
Sacrifice your all for the team
Track Name: Revenge
From the trailer to the grave you’ll always be the same
A visit to the tailor doesn’t really change
The bitterness inside your excuse for a brain
It’s your own country that has betrayed you
Each and every day

Humiliate those weaker than you
Treat them as others treated you
A cycle of abuse somehow sanctioned
By uniform, stripes and commission

Sordid excuse for the abuse;
‘I was only following orders’
Exactly the same as the regime before

Pose beside the corpses, piss on the prisoners
Dog leash, piles of shit
Revenge, revenge, revenge
I hope the next time you’re measured up it’s by the undertaker
Revenge, revenge, revenge

What do you get? Discharge, one year in jail?
A hero’s welcome in Shitsville UKSA?

Those who laughed are now shamefaced
As leaders and followers wallow in disgrace
Take trailer trash and put them in a foreign land
Let slip the dogs of war on an imbecile’s command
You have no power and you didn’t take a stand
And now you’re horrified as decapitations
Stream broadband

Take the cunt out of the country, can’t take the country out of the cunt

This year’s baby killers; there will be no heroes’ welcome
Track Name: Statement of Intent
Gomorrah’s season ends, metaphoric fires cleanse
Humanity’s sinful stench, we will banish

Indulgence instead of abstinence

Sing about dragons and hot winds,
Are you fucking Dio with your idiot themes?
Biblical torment? Don’t make us laugh
We defile your puerile dogma

Vital existence not spiritual pipedreams

We won’t paint ourselves in a corner
By pretending to be what we’re not
These are our views: a message for all not the chosen few

No we won’t wear your uniform and no we will not conform
To your mono riff, double bass beatdowns
Caps and chains, tattoos and skate shoes
Casuals by another name
That hole in your ear might as well be in your brain
Clique creating idiots; you fucking clowns, you fucking clowns!

Unity? This is a statement of intent:
We just turn up and play, without any fuss
Ignore all the bullshit and crush
Track Name: Patriotic Nihilism
The thief and the liar, continuing the campaign
Consumed in a sea of fire, obsessed by the obscenity
That the only way to keep favour is to maintain perpetual war

But unlike the rest I won’t beat my chest
When another perjurer sends his employers to death
Lest we forget, lest we forget:

The shredded tatters, human wreckage in ruins
Futile massacre packed in seeping tombs
Sordid annihilation, senseless extermination
Atrocity is an ‘acceptable casualty’

I don’t share your sickening pride, or your tabloid brainwashed mind
You uphold their power to murder; you deliver carte blanche for slaughter
‘Protest is treason!' - What more justification do they need?
With their every utterance you agree: support war without reason

As the petulant child smashes its cradle, cheer the fallen idols
Salute the new dictators’ flag; wrap the corpses in the star spangled jack

So thumb your nose at the naysayers, there’s still no Armageddon
But the freedom you so fanfare is dead, your echoes of their promises are hollow
Patriotic nihilism, your only instinct: follow

The only way to keep favour: war
Track Name: MMT
You’ve lost before you’ve begun
You’re lack of confidence let’s them think they’ve won
Celebrate another failure; cheer how little you have done

Worthless anecdotes, self obsessed
Mourning the lack of intellect you possess
Idiot, contemptible waster
Cut and slice you with Occam’s razor

Mediocrity is to what you aspire
Tell yourself it’s fine but you are the liar
Fool yourself; take part in their farce
Realise that you haven’t passed

Talentless, lack of understanding
Try to teach, or is that too demanding
If it’s all so easy, then why are you imprisoned
By the chip on your shoulder and your lack of ambition?

Hate’s not a word to take lightly
I say it to you whilst smiling
Track Name: Satified illiterate
Destroy the citadel, overwhelm the infidel
Unforgiving god given force, attack the corpulent half breathing corpse
Wrench out the fetid drip, pour misery on the sick
The afflicted the addicted, cleanse them of their sins
Hate begets hate, besiege Babylon’s gates
And so we are drawn to the 21st century crusade

Awaken the barbarians, armour them with faith
Blind them with oratory, shower them with grace
Once more unto the breach, victims have nothing to teach
Cultures ripped asunder, killing with unflinching belief

Twin godheads kneeling, for heretics no remission
Idolators with country as god, imposing their values throughout the world

Religion is the weapon of mass destruction
In hearts and minds a purulent infection

Your god strengthens theirs, theirs strengthens yours
A never ending cycle with death the only victor

The reason for the misery is there is no god
No paradise, no salvation, no redeemed souls living on
The footprints on the beach have washed away
And nothing hears your wails

Dissect your gods, invade them with the truth
You’re left with nothing, nothing but a book
Satisfied illiterate, propagating lies
Rather than die alone, construct a genocide